Inaugural post!

Hi, I am OpenMessenger.

I am a courier in Toronto, Canada, and in the wake of the UberEats rate cut fiasco I  am going to be blogging my earnings, and which firm I am “Independently contracted” by on every day that I work.

I am taking a queue from this reddit post of an indie musician who has posted his earnings in effort to aid prospective clients in seeing what is a low ball rate, and which rates are laughable.

So I am an indie contractor right? What I do with my location data and/or my smart phone screenies is my business right? We shall see! Or am I confusing the double edged sword of misclassification of employees as independent contractors that firms wield for a Sword of Damocles and they will find me out and make an example of me?

That could be interesting! Am I even allowed to share? I have decided that it is better to seek forgiveness than it is to ask permission, or get a lawyer to read 10,000 lines of legal language anyway.

Each post will document the cycling I do via Google Timeline that day, and the summary of my earning through the lead generation service I happen to use ( e.g. Foodora, UberETC)

Now, your dinner is ready! But are you ready?

UberEATS Jan 1, 2017



45km | $43.50 | 6 Trips | 2H 26M

Final word

I will be off the next few days because NYE was bonkers and I made out well enough to deserve a rest. Happy new year everyone!


Open Messenger


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