On the edge of a shiver


I forgot to mention last night that my blog got picked up by the Globe!

One fact printed needs to be  explained a bit more. I found that I have been making on average 5% more per order after the rate change. But this doesn’t reflect time or mileage or surge/boost rates. So what?

This should be read as tying in with ‘weeding out the casuals’. That is, the impact of the rate change on the pool of riders, if you control for weather, has turned into individual riders shoring up 5% more business, be that greater distances, and or more orders. The boosts/tips/surges are not represented at all in my data, I left those out of my calculation because they are documented kind of like foreign keys in databasing vernacular, and I am loathe to wrangle foreign keys, by rfc 3339 timestamps, or is it ISO 8601 ? That and I was trying to fling out some data before the globe story broke.

I believe the rate change was a reaction to the auspicious weather late in the autumn. The holiday season is generally the busiest time of year. So if you have a bunch of slow riders that sit adamant, inside a restaurant dining room until they have not less than three orders (stone cold by this point) on their board, and still take 45 minutes to travel a few clicks, then business will suffer.


Open Messenger

UberEATS Jan 6, 2017

Screen Shot 2017-01-07 at 03.04.38.png

40km | $91 | 12 Trips | 3H 35M





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