late January blues

Lack of sunlight sucks! I am outside a lot but not enough of me is showing for the sun. I had a hard time leaving my cat home alone this week, and that is reflected in my earnings.

UberEATS Jan 24-30 2017


162km | $300| 41 Trips| | 12H00M


Long time no see!

Dear everyone,

I have been taking it relatively easy, and also I have changed the way I am digesting my data. I am now doing the GIS myself.

And I decided a weekly compendium would be better going forward. This way I can take the time to prune the location history of recreational cycling and other polluting features. I will also try to figure out a way tally up the dead miles I ride while on the job. That would be the distance I have to ride to get to another paying call, unpaid riding. Anyway, this weeks work.

UberEATS Jan 16-22


221km | $400 | 54 | 16H30M



Open Messenger

Therapeutic cycling

Hey all,

I threw out my back doing something silly around the house, had to take it easy. I did a small money ride during the great rain slush (My specialty) of Jan 10, 2016. I forgot to post it until today.

It was a bit too soon. More data soon, if I take more time off then I’ll look at some of last year’s high’s and lows.

Open Messenger

Edit: I actually made $10 more than I was aware of ($26), but the bonus wasn’t applied in real-time. So the number had been updated.

Uber EATS  Jan 10, 2016

13km | $36| 3 Trips | 1H 4m

On the edge of a shiver


I forgot to mention last night that my blog got picked up by the Globe!

One fact printed needs to be  explained a bit more. I found that I have been making on average 5% more per order after the rate change. But this doesn’t reflect time or mileage or surge/boost rates. So what?

This should be read as tying in with ‘weeding out the casuals’. That is, the impact of the rate change on the pool of riders, if you control for weather, has turned into individual riders shoring up 5% more business, be that greater distances, and or more orders. The boosts/tips/surges are not represented at all in my data, I left those out of my calculation because they are documented kind of like foreign keys in databasing vernacular, and I am loathe to wrangle foreign keys, by rfc 3339 timestamps, or is it ISO 8601 ? That and I was trying to fling out some data before the globe story broke.

I believe the rate change was a reaction to the auspicious weather late in the autumn. The holiday season is generally the busiest time of year. So if you have a bunch of slow riders that sit adamant, inside a restaurant dining room until they have not less than three orders (stone cold by this point) on their board, and still take 45 minutes to travel a few clicks, then business will suffer.


Open Messenger

UberEATS Jan 6, 2017

Screen Shot 2017-01-07 at 03.04.38.png

40km | $91 | 12 Trips | 3H 35M




Cold set in my ways

Such chill

I worked a bit but found a lot of time to be inside. I got some massage therapy today, and finally settled in on a winter biking kit that holds up. I got a paid to eat someone’s dinner (I split it with the concierges) because the recipient gave the wrong address and was actually over 40km away. Hot food we’re talking. Burgers fries, burgers fries, chicken sammy and salads. Basically, always be making friends with the security. Everywhere you go.

UberEATS January 5, 2017

Screen Shot 2017-01-06 at 00.06.23.png

35km | $47 | 6 Trips| 2H 29M

Rainy lunch rush, bike repairs, dinner daze

UberEATS Jan 3, 2017


30km | $56 | 8 Trips | 2H 30M

Mechanical issues:

Don’t cross your threads kids! I might get back on the road tonight but very likely not. Dang I was looking forward to the heavier rains. It really makes one feel alive.


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Well I was able to sort out my equipment in time for a 6-8 ride in the misty fog! So now for the final tally of my food delivery rally!

UberEATS Jan 3,2017

Screen Shot 2017-01-03 at 21.03.18.png

50km | $100 | 14 Trips | 4H 37M



Inaugural post!

Hi, I am OpenMessenger.

I am a courier in Toronto, Canada, and in the wake of the UberEats rate cut fiasco I  am going to be blogging my earnings, and which firm I am “Independently contracted” by on every day that I work.

I am taking a queue from this reddit post of an indie musician who has posted his earnings in effort to aid prospective clients in seeing what is a low ball rate, and which rates are laughable.

So I am an indie contractor right? What I do with my location data and/or my smart phone screenies is my business right? We shall see! Or am I confusing the double edged sword of misclassification of employees as independent contractors that firms wield for a Sword of Damocles and they will find me out and make an example of me?

That could be interesting! Am I even allowed to share? I have decided that it is better to seek forgiveness than it is to ask permission, or get a lawyer to read 10,000 lines of legal language anyway.

Each post will document the cycling I do via Google Timeline that day, and the summary of my earning through the lead generation service I happen to use ( e.g. Foodora, UberETC)

Now, your dinner is ready! But are you ready?

UberEATS Jan 1, 2017



45km | $43.50 | 6 Trips | 2H 26M

Final word

I will be off the next few days because NYE was bonkers and I made out well enough to deserve a rest. Happy new year everyone!


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